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“Start preparing for college at grade six.”
– UC San Diego Director of Admissions Mae Brown

Colleges are becoming more competitive due to tight linkages between education and job opportunity. It becomes even more essential to prepare as early as possible to make a systematic approach including making smart middle school and high school course selection, crafting compelling admission essays, scoring well on your standardized tests, earning excellent grades, and making wise academic / extracurricular decisions throughout your academic careers.

Cherry Academy offers the following services:

Curriculum choices suited to your strengths
GPA enhancement courses and tactics to help strengthen your weaknesses
Study skills and time management Skills
Test preparation for PSAT, SAT, ACT, SAT Subject, and AP Tests

The intricacies of the college admission process can be overwhelming. We offer college prep and planning service to help the stressful process.

We do not consider college admission consulting to be an entirely separate service from the test prep, essay coaching and tutoring services. Instead, we offer a hybrid of tutoring and admissions consulting services. The better we get to know our students, the more specific feedback we can provide them regarding the admission process.

We are available to help students devise concrete test prep plans and timelines, choose and schedule your classes, review your extracurricular involvements, create a strong college list, prepare your applications for admission, and submit polished applications that will help you get into your dream college.

Please rest assured that your information is kept 100 percent confidential.

We offer a variety of college prep and planning options to fit your needs:


Personal consultations are ideal to answer individual questions. In 60 minutes, we will personally address your college admission concerns, provide guidance and suggestions for future action. Consultations are intended to address the needs of families who want one or two sessions, but are not looking for comprehensive assistance with test prep or application process.

Some students may require a few hours of in-person admissions consultation services each year. We can discuss on your goal and vision (major, career path), lay out your academic plan, and help you choose appropriate, challenging classes in high school. Phone and email support is also available on an as-needed basis.

Application Coaching

If you want more than a single consultation can provide, application coaching may be right for you. We offer a variety of application coaching programs designed to walk students through various aspects of the college admissions process.

1.Clarify your goal and vision (major, career path)
2.Collect information to assist with applying for college
3.Create a strong college list
4.Research application requirements, campus environment, financial aid, deadlines, etc.
5.Design strategies to manage AP/Honors classes, SAT I/ACT, SAT subject test preparation, and extracurricular activities
6.Help on college essays
7.Submit the polished applications to improve your chance to get into your dream college

get into my dream college
Get into my dream college!

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