6-8th Grade Creative Writing Class

Instructor: Ms. Aldrich
Class Time: Please see class schedule here
Class Location: 1777 Hamilton Ave, Suit 2380. San Jose

Course Intro: Mastering the 5-Paragraph Essay

This course teaches Middle School students on how to write both Expository and Argumentative, 5 paragraph essays. It is delineated, and designed to take the student through the steps to writing a well thought- out and planned paragraph. It models the structure of the paragraph, and makes a clear comparison between the important structure of the paragraph and how those structures correlate and are used to write 5 paragraph. The course helps students break down the writing process, and teaches students how to easily convert a well written paragraph into a multi-paragraph essay.

Short Bio of Ms. Aldrich

Ms. Aldrich graduated from Texas Southern University with a BA in Political Science, and received her Master’s degree in Public Administration. She has 5 year teaching experience in English and Language Arts (Elementary, middle school and high school).