3rd-4th Grade English Class (Reading, Writing & Presenting)


Instructor: Mr. Marcus
Class time: Please see class schedule here
Class Location: 1777 Hamilton Ave, Suit 2380. San Jose

Course Description

For reading, students will be able to recognize increasingly complex words accurately and automatically in grade-level text and materials ranging from classical literature to fictional information. They will also develop their vocabulary knowledge and skills in more sophisticated ways, including through their own research and by reading informational texts in fourth-grade content areas. They will deepen their learning about the elements of narratives (plot, setting, characters, theme) and describe them in more depth. Students will explore a character’s thoughts and motivations to determine the reasons for that character’s actions. They will learn the definitions of figurative language (simile, metaphor) and to recognize its use in literature. Students will use a compare-and-contrast strategy to find similarities between stories from different cultures and to comprehend the connection between their themes.

For writing, students will learn to create organizational structures that support their purpose; write longer, detailed informational and explanatory texts with headings, illustrations, definitions, and quotations; and write narratives that orient the reader to the situation and unfold in a natural sequence of events. Students will participate in collaborative discussions on a grade appropriate topics and texts, paraphrase information presented in diverse media and formats, and deliver formal narrative presentations. They will learn conventions of standard English grammar and usage, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling to support their writing and speaking. These conventions include the use of prepositional phrases and progressive verb tenses, recognition and correction of fragments and run-ons, and appropriate use of commas and quotation marks to indicate direct speech.

Short Bio of Mr. Marcus

Mr. Marcus graduated from California State University with a BA in Liberal Study, and received his Master’s degree in Ed. Leadership. He is a lead English teacher in Rocketship Education. He also holds a teaching Credential from the State of CA. He has taught elementary, middle school and high school students, and has an extensive knowledge of classroom techniques that allow him to bring concepts to life and engage students regardless of their learning styles or previous knowledge.

Mr. Marcus is a multilingual teacher. With English as his native language, he also is fluent in Spanish. In addition, he has elementary proficiency of Chinese. He brings energy to the classroom and engages students in his class.