Math Classes

Cherry Academy has a goal of creating a unique after-school mathematics program. Our mission is to build a systematic math education by integrating the advantages of math education in America, China and Japan to meet the needs of American students.

Cherry Academy has a holistic and long-term learning approach. We help K-12 students build solid foundation on math and challenge students to solve real world problems. In order to build mathematical proficiency, we believe students need to understand the math concepts (versus just how to get an answer), perform the procedures with fluency (accuracy and speed), and apply math to real world situations. We help students develop analytical thinking and problem-solving skills by challenging them to solve math Olympiad and/or AMC(American Math Competition) problems .

Why Your Child Should Join Us?

Many schools in the United States face a challenge of teaching mathematics in diverse classrooms. We teach math with customized learning plans for each student using active learning approaches designed to develop understanding. Students learn study skills, review what they learned in school, preview upcoming chapters, and review for tests/quizzes. In addition, we offer math Olympiads and AMC (American Math Competition) to challenge students, foster Mathematical creativity and ingenuity, and provide the students for the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges.

We believe that mathematical minds can be built. We help every student build a strong mathematics foundation by independent learning and cooperation with peers through interactive classroom settings, which create an intellectually challenging but friendly and supportive learning environment.

Research shows that group learning helps students learn more effectively, pointing specifically to optimal performance in groups of 8-12 year old individuals. They learn best by collaborating, competing, and ultimately teaching each other rather than by receiving traditional math tutoring.

The students that attend the small-group math classes will benefit greatly from the challenging curriculum, and individual attention from an expert teacher.

Please join us, help your child get ahead in school and/or master competitions such as Math Olympiad, and AMC. Let’s watch your child thrive!

Small groups, teamwork, new strategies, and real-life challenges lead to participative learning and mental discipline.

Please check our class schedule and choose the ones that meet your needs.