Afterschool, Summer Camp, Enrichment Classes, and PSAT/SAT/ACT Prep Classes

Cherry Academy is a college preparatory after school. We are committed to academic excellence! It’s our mission to serve as a resource for your children’s long-term academic success. We offer k-12 academic-focused afterschool program, summer camp, math and reading & writing enrichment classes, PSAT/SAT/ACT test preparation classes and college counseling services. We believe every child can succeed. Each child may need a unique key to unlock his or her potential. Together with the family and the school, Cherry Academy aims to help our students maximize their potential to succeed.

The classes are designed for small group instruction. This small group environment will allow for personal attention and an accelerated pace of learning. The curriculum is standards based and individualized to challenge every student at his/her specific level. A student’s work will be assessed frequently, to continually monitor the student’s progress. As a result, our teachers provide the personalized support necessary to help students reach their highest level of academic excellence.